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Internal information

11th June

Seven photographers have now signed up for the exhibition in Berlin, so that I have been able to start planning. As things stand today, the dialogues with Adela Sanz (ES), Irena Šormová (CZ), James Ikpe (GH), Jano Sandoval (CL), Kyoungseok Lee (KR), Michala Norup (DK) and Philip Butler (UK) will be shown in a group exhibition.

The concept for the exhibition envisages that all dialogues will be shown completely. The individual photographs in the dialogues will be shown next to each other in a row. The dialogues, on the other hand, will be arranged below one another. Due to the different number of photographs in the dialogues, there will be five strips of 20 metres around the exhibition space.

The photographs are marked accordingly so that the authors can be recognized. For the introduction of the individual photographers I would ask you to please send me an appropriate cv. This should mention your name, contact details and (if appropriate) exhibitions.

For the exhibition, I will cover the costs of printing the photographs and doing the corresponding advertising. In order that the photographs can be printed out uniformly, please send me the photographs in the following format by 31.07.2020.

longest side 30 cm | 320dpi | .jpg | 8 Bit | RGB mode (color space sRGB)

For sending please use You can upload the files individually or in a zip file.

4th June

Last year, I started a direct exchange with you as well as with several other photographers. This resulted in a total of ten photographic dialogues. With this concept I applied to take part in the month of photography off in Berlin. Very recently I was informed that I have been accepted, so that I can now start planning the exhibition and a catalogue.

To be able to realise the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue I will need your permission to use your photographs as well as image files of the photographs themselves in a higher resolution than what we exchanged on Instagram. The idea is that your rights to the pictures remain with you and that you grant me publication rights only for the exhibition and the catalogue. I am planning to give all participating photographers a copy of the catalogue as a thank you.

But first of all I would like to ask for your consent. The data will of course not be passed on to third parties and will only be used for internal coordination. Once you have agreed, I will send you the necessary information about the image files I need from you, the upload procedure and further information.