In einem Konflikt sehen die Gegenüberstehenden nur noch das Schwarze und das Weiße. Die Grautöne gibt es nicht mehr. Sie wurden abgeschafft, um das Kämpfen, Sterben und Trauern zu begründen. Würde es mehr Grautöne geben, gäbe es mehr Fragen mit Antworten, die den Konflikt beenden […]

night space

In „Nachtraum“ werden in vollkommender Dunkelheit nur punktuelle Lichter gesetzt. Die gewonnenen Informationen reichen nicht aus, den restlichen Raum zu erfassen. Was macht der Betrachter mit diesem restlichen Raum? Wird dieser mit subjektiven Bildern und Geschichten, mit Erinnertem und Emotionen gefüllt? Verunsichert der Mangel an […]

always grows the grass

Eternity. Rarely it is tangible. Rarely it becomes visible. For centuries, the nomads have been travelling through the valleys, through the mountains. Have come to the great lake. Again and again. They erect their yurts. Arrange the camp. Look after their livestock. Live with the […]

a lonely sail

Signs warn against bathing. The water is contaminated. Cracked and weathered concrete on the beach. Rolling pebbles, parasols made of metal, blue, green and yellow wooden deckchairs. On the fringes stand wooden houses with hopeful names. The distant horizon. An interim period that has lasted […]

through the dark country

On nights without a moon, forests and fields are very dark. The darkness swallows up the land. The trees, shrubs and animals are there, of course. Only vision is missing. The other senses compensate this lack with an unwonted intensity of perception. The elements which […]

WHH GT 18 . a portrait

WHH GT 18 was the name of a standardized block of flats in the GDR. It was developed between 1969 to 1971 for the Wohnungsbaukombinat, the state company in charge of residential construction for Berlin. The first building was erected according to this blueprint in […]


Geografically, Berlin is in the East of Germany. Many visitors and inhabitants have the feeling, however, that Berlin is in the middle of the Republic. Most people think Berlin shares the same longitude as Hannover or Magdeburg. Only when they take a trip to the […]

deserted villages

In the discussion about the depopulation in the north-east of Germany, the almost forgotten word “Wuestung” (deserted settlement) is being mentioned more and more often. It refers to places in the landscape where once upon a time -more or less long ago- people lived. Places […]

final image

In the past years many schools in Germany have been closed. Some have been converted to other uses, others stand abandoned or have been pulled down. These schools have become a clearly visible symbol of demographic change. Fewer and fewer children are born. Society is […]

friedrich l.

text exhibitions: Alte Schule – Wiesenburg 10.05. – 07.06.2009 time and place: 2007 Germany, Dresden exhibition dates : 10 C-Print 40×50 required length of wall: 8-12 metres

first hour

A person’s identity is the sum total of many meetings and experiences. Among the first formative influences outside the family are encounters with teachers and the events of school life. To emphasize the important role these have in the development of an individual’s personality, Thilo […]


Fog reduces colours. Nature can make do with shades of gray. All that remains are half seen images – shapes, stories, myths. The result are pictures of time and space. In “Grisaille”, Thilo Seibt delves into the technique of painting in shades of gray. However, […]


Wenn nachts voll Verzweiflung ich irre umher und find alle Türen verrammelt, dann schwinge ich mich auf den Trolleybus der die Bummler einsammelt. Mein Trolleybus, hole, hol’ ein deine Fracht, all die mit der Welt zerstritten! Bringe heim, aus dem Wirrsaal der Nacht, die Schiffbruch […]

in memoriam c.d.f.

Die Romantik als europäische geistige Bewegung hat auf vielfältige Art und Weise Eingang gefunden in die Kulturgeschichte Europas. Ihre Entstehung fällt in eine Zeit großer gesellschaftlicher Umbrüche, eine unterstellte vormalige Geborgenheit war für die Romantiker in Auflösung begriffen. Sie reagierten mit einem Rückzug in phantastische, […]

please shower first

Traditional German public baths and bathhouses were invented only 100 years ago. Nevertheless they are already disappearing from public life. They are hidden away in the facades of streets which they were integrated into like churches or schools. A little staircase, an inscription above the […]