# goeast

Memorial II

In a conflict, the opposing parties see only the black and the white. The shades of gray no longer exist. They have been abolished to justify fighting, dying and mourning. If there were more shades of gray, there would be more questions with answers that […]

Something new in the East

Seit der Ukraine-Krise im Jahr 2014 sind viele Konfliktpunkte und Ängste in Osteuropa wieder aktuell. Diese Krise hat viele Ursachen,die von den verschiedenen Seiten verschieden interpretiert werden. In den von den Kriegshandlungen unmittelbar betroffenen Gebieten verändert sich der Alltag radikal. Aber auch in den angrenzenden […]

always grows the grass

Eternity. Rarely it is tangible. Rarely it becomes visible. For centuries, the nomads have been travelling through the valleys, through the mountains. Have come to the great lake. Again and again. They erect their yurts. Arrange the camp. Look after their livestock. Live with the […]

a lonely sail

Signs warn against bathing. The water is contaminated. Cracked and weathered concrete on the beach. Rolling pebbles, parasols made of metal, blue, green and yellow wooden deckchairs. On the fringes stand wooden houses with hopeful names. The distant horizon. An interim period that has lasted […]


Geografically, Berlin is in the East of Germany. Many visitors and inhabitants have the feeling, however, that Berlin is in the middle of the Republic. Most people think Berlin shares the same longitude as Hannover or Magdeburg. Only when they take a trip to the […]


Wenn nachts voll Verzweiflung ich irre umher und find alle Türen verrammelt, dann schwinge ich mich auf den Trolleybus der die Bummler einsammelt. Mein Trolleybus, hole, hol’ ein deine Fracht, all die mit der Welt zerstritten! Bringe heim, aus dem Wirrsaal der Nacht, die Schiffbruch […]