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435 miles or The horse does not eat cucumber salad

Distances are becoming less important in the modern world. The invention of the telephone has enabled calls to be made to other rooms, buildings, cities and continents for over 150 years. Initially communicated by language, texts, photographs and films were gradually added. The fascination of […]

WHH GT 18 . a portrait

WHH GT 18 was the name of a standardized block of flats in the GDR. It was developed between 1969 to 1971 for the Wohnungsbaukombinat, the state company in charge of residential construction for Berlin. The first building was erected according to this blueprint in […]

in memoriam c.d.f.

Die Romantik als europäische geistige Bewegung hat auf vielfältige Art und Weise Eingang gefunden in die Kulturgeschichte Europas. Ihre Entstehung fällt in eine Zeit großer gesellschaftlicher Umbrüche, eine unterstellte vormalige Geborgenheit war für die Romantiker in Auflösung begriffen. Sie reagierten mit einem Rückzug in phantastische, […]

please shower first

Traditional German public baths and bathhouses were invented only 100 years ago. Nevertheless they are already disappearing from public life. They are hidden away in the facades of streets which they were integrated into like churches or schools. A little staircase, an inscription above the […]