Cloak of Silence
Cloak of Silence

Cloak of Silence

Cloak of Silence – Project
The beginning
On the beach

Project description

A cloaked black figure accompanies the viewer through the photographs by Thilo Seibt. Like  a silhouette, the protagonist, who is wearing a black cloak, is visually cut out of the image. The deep black draws the eye without the protagonist being visible. This coat protects, makes the person underneath invisible despite their presence, untouchable. Only the posture and the surroundings shown leave room for your own interpretation. The protagonist does not relate directly to the viewer. He is silent.

Silence gets a lot of attention through simple omission or withdrawal as it contrasts with a noisy environment. There are many motives for staying silent. Probably the best-known occasion is the vow of silence. But silence can also be used to commemorate, as a punishment, as approval, as a refusal, out of uncertainty or fear. That seems a lot. It is therefore worth taking a closer look. Non-communication touches, unsettles or irritates those around. There are no answers, no justification given. Content can only be conveyed here through cultural codes, facial expressions or gestures.

The cloak is a widespread symbol of protection, power, but also silence. This is used as an image in the photographs, which are already silent in themselves, in order to create stories.

Episode 1 – Prologue
Out of the silence the sea has risen.
Episode 2 – At the end
In the crowd, the individual also carries his burden.
Episode 3 – On the beach
The coat dries the storm.

Fotoatelier am Schönen Berg
17.03. – 02.04.2023 – Schweigen als Dialog

time and place:
Januar 2022 –
Ostseestrände, nächtliche Straße, Archivbilder

Carola T., Silvio N.

exhibition dates:
One episode with each
1 print 60 x 80 unframed on the wall
10 prints on MDF 29×29 unframed in a box on a pedestal

Required wall length: approx. 10m for currently 3 episodes