Cloak of Silence – On the Beach
Cloak of Silence – On the Beach

Cloak of Silence – On the Beach

Cloak of Silence – Project
The beginning
On the beach

On the Beach

The decision came early in the morning. An unknown path showed itself in the doorway. Sleeplessness still blurred the picture. Later it became clearer. A path in the shadow of other windows. The trail clearly visible in the morning dew. It led out into the thicket. The door seems unreachable. Memories cling to the lost interior. But the house is empty. Its walls still protect. The image in front of the door changes briefly. Carelessness has not taken it up. The step outside is almost unnoticed. The thicket is quickly reached.


The path in the thicket is clearly visible. It widens. But there is no one to be seen. That gives security. With the rustling, the path opens up. The stand is deserted. The sublime fills the space beyond the horizons. Black coats lie in the sand. One seems to be made for everyone. The coat first warms against the wind. It is quiet underneath. Like a second skin, it protects the rest of the walk. With the hood over the face, it even makes you invisible. It makes it easier to walk on the new path.

Silence is easier in the surf.

Over time, the traces on the beach disappear.

The shadows walk between salvation and doom.