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Käthes forgotten garden

In der Landschaft finden sich immer wieder stille Zeitzeugen. Zu entdecken sind Gebäude, Wege, Bäume, Gegenstände, Büsche und Spuren. Meist wollen sie nicht gemeinsam gefunden werden. Sie verwachsen unterschiedlich mit der Landschaft. Manche lösen sich auf. Beim Landstreichen, beim Sammeln können aber einzelne Hinweise gefunden […]

final image

In the past years many schools in Germany have been closed. Some have been converted to other uses, others stand abandoned or have been pulled down. These schools have become a clearly visible symbol of demographic change. Fewer and fewer children are born. Society is […]

friedrich l.

text exhibitions: Alte Schule – Wiesenburg 10.05. – 07.06.2009 time and place: 2007 Germany, Dresden exhibition dates : 10 C-Print 40×50 required length of wall: 8-12 metres

first hour

A person’s identity is the sum total of many meetings and experiences. Among the first formative influences outside the family are encounters with teachers and the events of school life. To emphasize the important role these have in the development of an individual’s personality, Thilo […]