first hour
first hour

first hour

A person’s identity is the sum total of many meetings and experiences.

Among the first formative influences outside the family are encounters with teachers and the events of school life.

To emphasize the important role these have in the development of an individual’s personality, Thilo Seibt portrayed his own teachers in the classrooms of the school he attended and went on a search for the past – a quarter of a century after graduating.

Thilo Seibt would like to pay homage to teachers in an age of education reforms and failing schools, making his own teachers from a different era the focal point.

They all taught at the “Soja-Kosmodemjanskaja”-highschool in Berlin-Lichtenberg in the 1970s. They were in their mid-twenties then, this was the first school they taught at. And they remember this as being the “time of their lives”.


Haus der Demokratie (Berlin)
27.03. – 01.05.2009 – “Zusammenleben”

Bethanien (Berlin)
08.12. – 21.12.2006 – “Identitäten”


time and place:
may 2006 and june 2006
Georg-Forster-Oberschule (Berlin-Lichtenberg)

Brigitte Naumann (former teacher)
all involved former teachers

Sybille Hoffmann (Fotocentrum am Wassertor)

exhibition dates :
14 C-Print 60×80 of MDF
required length of wall: 8-10 metres