Fog reduces colours.

Nature can make do with shades of gray.

All that remains are half seen images – shapes, stories, myths.

The result are pictures of time and space.

In “Grisaille”, Thilo Seibt delves into the technique of painting in shades of gray. However, the artist at work here is not a painter. In the moments Thilo has captured, it is nature itself painting in black, gray and white. This reduced palette it is possible places the focus on the inherent structure and composition. To emphasize the natural grisaille impression, the photographs are shot using colour and not black-and-white film.


Kulturhaus (Mestlin)
17.05. – 10.06.2012 – Kunstlandschaft2″

Zionirche (Berlin)
26.08. – 23.10.2011

Duncker 15 (Berlin)
08.09. – 24.09.2006 – “Quintessenz”


time and place:
since may 2003
Germany, Iceland

exhibition dates :
4 C-Print 60×90 of Alu-Dipond
required length of wall: 5-10 metres