below us
below us

below us

Continents rose, mountains rose, new seas formed, deep forests emerged and disappeared. A variety of plants and animals developed and disappeared again. All this we saw in our continuity, in our eternal cycle, while we ourselves were constantly transforming. The becoming and passing away in all its forms below us.

The fact that clouds have always been in the landscapes, mostly therefore not perceived by us in everyday life, is the starting point of “below us”. They are depicted in many photographs without being consciously intended. They are simply there. In “Below Us”, the clouds are taken out of photographs of historical events and presented individually. By naming the place and time, the familiar image can be reassembled that took place under the clouds.

11.09.2001 – New York – World Trade Center

06.06.1944 – Normandie – D-Day

Fotoatelier am Schönen Berg (Berlin)
06.11. – 14.11.2021 – Conjectures about clouds

20.05.1945 – Berlin – Victory parade over Hitler’s Germany

Time and place:
Summer 2021
Research material

Exhibition data:
running wall length: 2-3 m