always grows the grass
always grows the grass

always grows the grass

Eternity. Rarely it is tangible. Rarely it becomes visible.
For centuries, the nomads have been travelling through the valleys, through the mountains. Have come to the great lake.
Again and again. They erect their yurts. Arrange the camp. Look after their livestock. Live with the years.
Again and again. The sun comes out. The drought comes. The snow comes. They dismantle their yurts.
Again and again the grass grows.


A hundred years ago, they moved to the villages that had been built for them.
Seventy years ago, they left to fight in the Great War.
Twenty years ago, the became independent.
For the last twenty years, the glaciers on the great blue mountains have been shrinking.
Again and again the grass grows.


time and place:
september 2014

exhibition dates:
5 Prints 60×40
exhibition dates:: 2-4 metres