Opening “100 Years October Revolution” at 07.10.2017


“100 Jahre Oktoberevolution”
with „Elektrifizierung“ from Thilo Seibt

Galerie Emma T.
Lehderstr. 60
13086 Berlin – Weissensee

07.10. – 03.11.2017

opening time
tue – sun 10–18

sat 07.10.2017 at 19:00

100 Years October Revolution
In 2017, the Russian Revolution will be 100 years old. The consequences for the world, Europe and Germany have been and still are far-reaching. What happened in the 100 years?

participating artist:
Karl Baum, Katrin und Götz Filenius, Wolfgang Franke, Thomas Mascher, Isabel Pauer, Manfred Sährig, Udo Schöbel, Ishlar Smolny, Thilo Seibt, Gabi Thoene, Roland Willaert

© Thilo Seibt