opening “heaven and earth” at 17.03.2018


“heaven and earth” in the 4. Weissenseer Kunstsalon
with Thilo Seibt

Atelier Ella von Berg Porzellan und Skadi Engeln Malerei
Große Seestraße 17
13086 Berlin – Weissensee

17.03. – 18.03.2018

opening time
Sa/Su 12:00 – 19:00

18.03.2018 16.00 P Like Pelican (1972) پ مثل پلیکان by Parviz Kimiavi

participating artist:
Caroal Thielecke, Skadi Engeln, Thilo Seibt

In the ornamentation of Iranian mosques heaven and earth meet. In the tile mosaics of the houses of God the blue of the sky, at the same time symbol of infinity and inscrutability, is combined with the ochre of the ground burnt by the sun. Just as the bright blue sky arches over the ochre desert and the mud-brick villages, so too the domes and arches of the mosques arch seemingly weightlessly over the believers. And yet these tiles and domes, which symbolize heaven, are themselves made of burnt earth.

© Thilo Seibt
© Thilo Seibt