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direct message – dialogue with Jano

direct message – dialogue with Jano

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Jano Sandoval

I am Jano Sandoval, Chilean street and documentary photographer, my reference photographers are the Mexican Graciela Iturbide and the Chilean Sergio Larraín. In my work, I investigate the contrasted sensations of life, love/heartbreak, common walking and in a more candid way of the workers struggles covered with those glimpses of modernity, sometimes fictitious and others not obtained.

My inspiration, as a transport to get to photography, is fused between books, music, towns, streets to discover, history, politics, the common people that, finally, together define the history of humanity with all its imperfections and successes and with a tireless exercise of class consciousness that allow me to observe the world from my absolute origin, in order to constantly recognize myself and recognize who I discover in my way.

My works have already been displayed in festivals, publications,solo and collectives exhibitions in Chile, Argentina, Australia, Spain, The Netherlands and Germany.