direct message – dialogue with Kyoungseok
direct message – dialogue with Kyoungseok

direct message – dialogue with Kyoungseok

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dialogue with Kyoungseok
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Kyoungseok Lee

I hoped to make sure that our conversations weren’t engrossed in the apparent phenomenon.

Careful not to stick to the fixed meaning in the picture, and I hoped to derive a variety of non-superficial meanings through dialogue. An wave of emotions that flowed more slowly than an analytical interpretation would make our conversations richer.

I often placed a particular subject in the periphery of the frame where it was supposed to be, instead of centering it. But on the one hand I kept the tension caused by the sort of contradiction that comes from preventing it from being excluded from the viewer’s view. Meanwhile, as much as possible, the subdued tone and contrast are maintained so that all objects in the frame look even. Instead of a spotlight pouring over the protagonist on the stage, I tried to show the situation itself as plain as possible.

Sometimes, the composition was adjusted so that objects that were distant from each other seemed to form a close relationship to refresh the flow of conversation.

Rather than moving forward for a certain goal through all of these conversations, I hoped that the quick intuition and leisurely deliberation of preparing a photographic answer would form a kind of flow in which freely harmonized.

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