opening “Grautöne zulassen” at 09.10.2015
opening “Grautöne zulassen” at 09.10.2015

opening “Grautöne zulassen” at 09.10.2015

“Grautöne zulassen”
with “Denkmal” from Thilo Seibt

Nachbarschaftshaus Urbanstraße
Urbanstraße 21
10961 Berlin

09.10. – 15.11.2015

opening time
mo – su 09:00 – 18:00

09.10.2015 at 7pm

participating artist:
Carola Thielecke, Iren Böhme, Karl, Förster, Lena Kilkka, Monika von Wegerer, Stefan Postius, Thilo Seibt, Ulrike Altekruse

© Thilo Seibt

In armed conflict, the opposing sides see only black and white. Shades of grey no longer exist. They are abolished to make sense of the fighting, dying and grief. If there were more shades of grey, there would be more questions with answers which might lead to the end of the conflict. War memorials are places of remembrance for the fallen, the survivors and future generations of a “good cause”. They are memorials to the black and the white, but not the shades of grey.

© Thilo Seibt

© Thilo Seibt